General Conditions

Orders are executed according to the following terms and conditions. Deviation or changes from regulations must be made in writing. The transfer of the client’s printable data is set and contracted by Copy Blitz AG, Copy Blitz AG, c/o, St. Jakobstrasse 91, 9000 St. Gallen.

Service and Prices

Service and prices are set by Copy Blitz AG. The prices quoted in the contractor’s offer are valid, provided that the order data used in the original order submission remain unchanged. The prices of the contractor are net prices, exclusive of VAT (local taxes). Additional costs for postage, freight, insurance, and other shipping costs will be charged additionally.

Payments & Delivery

The delivery of goods is is exclusively against cash on delivery or pre-payments. Additional costs incurred due to the non-acceptance of delivery will be charged to the client. The assertion of higher damage incurred by the contractor remains unaffected. The client is entitled to prove that the contractor suffered noor minor damage. The client can only offset against claims of the contractor with undisputed or legally established claims. In commercial transactions is a right of retention and a right to refuse the buyer (with exclusion of undisputed and counterclaims excluded). If the delivery is not accepted, the resulting costs will be charged tot he client. If a deployment includes an exceptionally large quantity of paper goods (e.g. special materials, paper, carboard) or inputs, advanced payment may be required. If the fullfillment of the payment claim is jeopardized or is unable to be fulfilled by the client after the conclusion of the contract, the contractor may demand payment in advance and/or immediate payment of all outstanding invoices ot yet due, to retain goods not yet delivered, and to continue working on outstanding orders by said client. The contractor is also entitled to these rights if the client does not make a due payment despite reminded of outstanding fees. In the case of order for third parties, the ordering customer continues to be a party to the contract and thus a debtor until full payment of the service. This also applies to any and all default costs (interest, taxes, collection costs).

Complaints & Recalls

The risk of any errors in the printed work is transffered to the client once the print-approval is made, insofar as these are not errors which only arose or could be detected in the production proccess subsequent to the print approval declaration. The same applies to all other release déclarations made by the client-customer for further print production. Complaints are only allowed within one week after receipt of goods. Hidden defects which cannot be found after immediate examination of goods must be asserted within the legal warranty of six months, starting from the time when the goods have left the delivery works. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we execute orders on the basis oft he print data supplied by the client. The print data / templates are delivered according to our specifications and data formats (see printing guide). If the client delivers print data / templates other than those specified by the contractor, the contractor assumes no guarantee for a faultless execution of the contracted order. This is esepcially true for print data other than those specified by the contractor, and the contractor assumes no guarantee for the faultless execution of the contracted order. In the case of justified complaints, the contractor shall, at his/her discretion, and to the exclusion of other claims, commit to repair or replacement, up to the monetary value of the original order, where there is not due gross negligence on the part of the client. The same applies to the case of a justified complaint of repair or replacement. In the case of a delayed, omitted, or unsuccessful repair or replacement, the client customer may demand a reduction of the renumeration, or cancellation of the contract.

Exclusion right of withdrawal

The customer has no right of withdrawal on the ordered articles or service.